Our Menu

Please note that for tables of with 8 or more people, guests will be
asked to order from our banquet menu

  • Labne (Yoghurt) GF, V    /    $12 
    Strained thick yoghurt and olive oil
  • Hummus (Chickpea) GF, V    /    $14
    A puree of chickpeas blended with tahini and lemon juice
  • Hummus with mincemeat (Chickpea) GF, V    /    $23
    Minced meat, puree of chickpeas, tahini and lemon juice
  • Baba Ganouje (Eggplant) GF, DF, V    /    $14
    Smokey chargrilled eggplant blended with tahini and lemon juice
  • Muhammara (Peppers) /    $18
    Red peppers, walnut, chili & pomegranate reduction
  • Botenjen Mtobal (Eggplant) GF, DF, V    /    $17
    Charred eggplant marinated with capsicum, tomato, garlic and pomegranate
  • Khyar W Leban (Yoghurt and Cucumber) GF, V    /    $16
    Lebanese yoghurt, Lebanese cucumber, garlic and mint
  • Trio Dips    /    $27
    Labne, Hummus and Baba Ganoush
  • Tabouli DF, V    /    $18
    Parsley, tomato, shallot, crushed wheat and mint, mixed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil
  • Fatoush (Garden Salad) DF, V    /    $18
    Tomato, cucumber, red radish, shallots, mint, cabbage, capsicum, lettuce, fried Lebanese bread, pomegranate molasses, extra virgin olive oil and sumac
  • Traditional Sunset Salad GF, V    /    $18
    Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mint, garlic, lemon & olive oil dressing
  • Greek Salad GF, V    /    $18
    Mixed lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, capsicum, spanish onion, feta cheese, olives, homemade dressing and oregano
  • Kabees (Assorted Marinated Pickles) V, Veg    /    $12
    Pickled cucumbers, turnips and pitted green olives
  • Sambousik (Cheese Pastry) V    /    $16
    Deep fried Lebanese pastry, mixed cheeses and parsley
  • Shankleesh (Spicy Aged Cheese) GF, V    /    $15
    Lettuce, tomato, onion and extra virgin olive oil
  • Grilled Halloumi GF, V    /    $22
    Salty cheese, tomato, onion, cucumber and kalamata olives and extra virgin olive oil
  • Potato Coriander GF, DF    /    $18
    Pan-fried potato, coriander, garlic, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil
  • Arnabeet (Cauliflower)  DF    /    $20
    Fried cauliflower florets, tahini dip
  • Warak’aresh (Vine Leaves) DF    /    $21
    Stuffed vine leaves, rice, tomato, parsley, spices and herbs
  • Pumpkin Kibbeh V    /    $18
    Pumpkin shell, spinach, onion, chickpeas & lemon juice
  • Falafel DF    /    $18
    Deep fried patty of chickpea, broad beans, onions, garlic, herbs, spices served with a tahini dip
  • Batengen (Fried Eggplant) GF, DF    /    $18
    Lightly fried eggplant slices served with a walnut-chili relish
  • Hindbeh (Sauteed Spinach) DF    /    $22
    Sauteed dandelion greens, caramelized onion and extra virgin olive oil
  • Potato Chips V    /    $12
    Spiced paprika salt and tomato sauce
  • Kibbeh Mikliey (Lamb Shells)  /    $18
    Minced lamb, pine nut and onion filling encased in a burghul and a tender lamb shell
  • Sambousik (Lamb Pastry)    /    $18
    Minced lamb, pine nuts and onion wrapped in a fine pastry
  • Makanek (Sausages) DF    /    $21
    Mild spicy beef sausages, pomegranate molasses, lemon juice, tomato and parsley
  • Kibbeh Nayeh (Lamb Tartare) DF    /    $23
    Raw tender lamb with crushed wheat, served with onion rings, mint, chilli and extra virgin oil (on availability)
  • Salt and Pepper Calamari   /    $26
    Garlic aioli, paprika and lemon
  • Garlic Prawns   /    $30
    Chilli, paprika, parsley, butter, and potato
  • Char Grilled Octopus    /    $38
    Fresh local octopus marinated with lemon & garlic served with lemon

All served with garlic dip, chilli and lebanese bread garnished with onion and parsley

  • Shish Kebab (Skewered Lamb) /    $31
    Marinated in vinegar and traditional Middle Eastern Spices
  • Kafta (Skewered Minced Lamb) /    $28
    Premium lamb mixed with parsley, herbs and onions
  • Shish Tawouk (Skewered Chicken)  /    $30
    Marinated with traditional Middle Eastern spice and a hint of garlic
  • Combination Plate DF    /    $31
    Shish Kebab, Kafta & Shish Tawouk with garlic, herbs, spices and vinegar
  • Lemon Garlic Chicken    /    $32
    Marinated grilled chicken breast, tossed in our special lemon garlic sauce. (Chilli optional)
  • Samke Harra    /    $35
    Baked barramundi fillet cooked in chilli coriander, tahini and garnished with almonds and pine nuts
  • Lamb Mansef    /    $38
    Slow cooked roasted lamb, seasoned rice & fried nuts
  • Lamb Cutlet / $43  
    Grilled lamb cutlet served with sweet potato chips and grilled tomato & onion salsa
  • Akrass Mishwiyyeh  /    $26
    Akrass mishwiyyeh served with laban (yoghurt) 
  • Shish Barak   /    $32
    Minced meat dumplings cooked in yogurt with garlic and coriander
  • Deep fried Whiting (2)   /    $36
    Deep fried Whiting served with crispy chips & Tahini sauce
  • Chicken Pesto Fettuccine  /    $29
    Pasta Fettuccine with Sautee chicken, creamy basil pesto & sun dried tomato
  • Chicken Tenders    /    $21
    Crumbed chicken breast, crispy chips, and tomato sauce
  • Pasta Napolitana    /    $21
    Penne pasta, napolitana sauce and parmesan cheese

Share desserts, 2 people

  • Knafeh    /    $18
    Crushed cornflakes, semolina and cream topped with syrup and pistachio
  • Banoffee    /    $24
    Banana, dulce de leche, chocolate shavings, almond crumble, chantilly cream
  • Nutella Sambousik    /    $17 
    Deep fried Lebanese pastry filled with warm Nutella and icing sugar
  • Seasonal Fruit Platter 2 people $18 / 4-6 people $ 45
    Freshly cut assorted Fruit for the day
  •  A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to secure the date if you decide to go ahead with your event booking of more than 10 people. Dates will not be held without a deposit.
  • Full prepayment is required 5 days prior to your function, all extras will be finalised on the day or night if applicable.
  • For any changes to the number of guests, notification must be given 48 hours prior to the event.  After this period, you will be charged for the number of banquets you have booked and signed for.
  • Any changes for your event* must be emailed to events@onsunset.com or should be notified to the event coordinator/venue.
  • Cancellation within the week of the event 50% of the function cost will be charged.
  • Dietary requirements and allergies are to be provided 48 hours prior to the event.
  • We do not cater for BYO, all Beverages that are not included in the package are calculated on consumption basis.
  • Our License allows us to operate till 10.30 pm; all guests must exit the property by this time due to council regulations.
  • Cakeage fee applies of $4 per person
  • On Sunset does not hold responsibility for loss or damage of items from outside suppliers such as cake, balloons, props, etc.
  • All decorative items such as balloons, flowers etc. must be removed off site immediately after your event or a cleaning fee of $130 will incur and be charged.
  • Drop off of props and perishable items must be marked with the event’s name and contact number as well as date of event. These items can be delivered no earlier than 24 hours prior to the event date and within On Sunset’s opening hours. Please notify your On Sunset Event Liaison or restaurant on-duty manager of the expected delivery.
  • We are unable to accommodate DJs, loud musicians and/or drummers at our venue. We do however play soft music for our patrons via our stereo system.
  • In the event that COVID lockdown resumes, we are able to offer a credit and a priority postponement (for customers who have paid a deposit or the final payment). If you postpone or cancel your event due to a guest testing positive, we are able to provide a credit for the amount paid.


If deposit is made via telephone, you have understood the terms and conditions and have agreed to them

Please sign below to mark you have read and understood the above Terms and Conditions if in person on site.