Our Menu

Please note that for tables of with 8 or more people, guests will be
asked to order from our banquet menu


Labne (Yoghurt) GF, V    /    $12

Strained thick yoghurt and olive oil

Hummus (Chickpea) GF, DF, V    /    $12

A puree of chickpeas blended with tahini and lemon juice

Hummus with mincemeat (Chickpea) GF, DF, V    /    $18

Minced meat, puree of chickpeas, tahini and lemon juice

Baba Ganouje (Eggplant) GF, DF, V    /    $14

Smokey chargrilled eggplant blended with tahini and lemon juice

Muhammara (Peppers)    /    $15

Red peppers, walnut, chili & pomergranate reduction

Botenjen Mtobal (Eggplant) GF, DF, V    /    $15

Charred eggplant marinated with capsicum, tomato, garlic and pomegranate

Khyar W Leban (Yoghurt and Cucumber) GF, V    /    $14

Lebanese yoghurt, Lebanese cucumber, garlic and mint

Trio Dips    /    $27

Labne, Hummus and Baba Ganoush


Tabouli DF, V    /    $18

Parsley, tomato, shallot, crushed wheat and mint, mixed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

Fatoush (Garden Salad) DF, V    /    $18

Tomato, cucumber, red radish, shallots, mint, cabbage, capsicum, lettuce, fried Lebanese bread, pomegranate molasses, extra virgin olive oil and sumac

Traditional Sunset Salad GF, V    /    $18

Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mint, garlic, lemon & olive oil dressing

Greek Salad GF, V    /    $17

Mixed lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, capsicum, spanish onion, feta cheese, olives, homemade dressing and oregano

Kabees (Assorted Marinated Pickles) V, Veg    /    $12

Pickled cucumbers, turnips and pitted green olives


Sambousik (Cheese Pastry) V    /    $16

Deep fried Lebanese pastry, mixed cheeses and parsley

Shankleesh (Spicy Aged Cheese) GF, V    /    $15

Lettuce, tomato, onion and extra virgin olive oil

Grilled Halloumi GF, V    /    $18

Salty cheese, tomato, onion, cucumber and kalamata olives and extra virgin olive oil


Marinated Olives    /    $14

Warm mixed olives marinated in chilli, capsicum, garlic, orange, herbs and oil

Potato Coriander GF, DF    /    $15

n-fried potato, coriander, garlic, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

Arnabeet (Cauliflower) GF, DF    /    $18

Fried cauliflower florets, tahini dip

Warak’aresh (Vine Leaves) GF, DF    /    $17

Stuffed vine leaves, rice, tomato, parsley, spices and herbs

Pumpkin Kibbeh V    /    $16

Pumpkin shell, spinach, onion, chickpeas & lemon juice

Falafel GF, DF    /    $17

Deep fried patty of chickpea, broad beans, onions, garlic, herbs, spices served with a tahini dip

Batengen (Fried Eggplant) GF, DF    /    $17

Lightly fried eggplant slices served with a walnut-chili relish

Hindbeh (Sauteed Spinach) GF, DF    /    $18

Sauteed dandelion greens, caramelized onion and extra virgin olive oil

Potato Chips DF, V    /    $10

Spiced paprika salt and tomato sauce


Kibbeh Mikliey (Lamb Shells)    /    $17

Minced lamb, pine nut and onion filling encased in a burghul and a tender lamb shell

Sambousik (Lamb Pastry)    /    $16

Minced lamb, pine nuts and onion wrapped in a fine pastry

Makanek (Sausages) GF, DF    /    $20

Mild spicy beef sausages, pomegranate molasses, lemon juice, tomato and parsley

Kibbeh Nayeh (Lamb Tartare) DF    /    $22

Raw tender lamb with crushed wheat, served with onion rings, mint, chillie and extra virgin oil (on availability)


Salt and Pepper Calamari DF    /    $24

Garlic aioli, paprika and lemon

Garlic Prawns GF    /    $27

Chilli, paprika, parsley, butter and potato

White Bait    /    $26

Western Australian white bait, tahini and lemon

Char Grilled Octopus    /    $32

Fresh local octopus marinated with lemon & garlic served with lemon

Traditional Grill & Mains

All served with onion, garlic dip, chilli and Lebanese bread

Shish Kebab (Skewered Lamb)    /    $31

Marinated in vinegar and traditional Middle Eastern Spices

Kafta (Skewered Minced Lamb)    /    $27

Premium lamb mixed with parsley, herbs and onions

Shish Tawouk (Skewered Chicken)    /    $30

Marinated with traditional MIddle Eastern spice and a hint of garlic
Combination Plate DF    /    $31

Shish Kebab, Kafta & Shish Tawouk with garlic, herbs, spices and vinegar

Lemon Garlic Chicken    /    $32

Marinated grilled chicken breast, tossed in our special lemon garlic sauce. (Chilli optional)

Samke Harra    /    $34

Baked barramundi fillet cooked in chilli coriander, tahini and garnished with almonds and pine nuts

Lamb Mansef    /    $38

Slow cooked roasted lamb, seasoned rice & fried nuts


Chicken Tenders    /    $20

Crumbed chicken breast, crispy chips and tomato sauce

Pasta Napolitana    /    $16

Penne pasta, napolitana sauce and parmesan cheese


Share desserts, 2 people

Knafeh    /    $18

Crushed cornflakes, semolina and cream topped with syrup and pistachio

Banoffee    /    $24

Banana, dulce de leche, chocolate shavings, almond crumble, chantilly cream

Nutella Sambousik    /    $17

Deep fried Lebanese pastry filled with warm Nutella and icing sugar

Seasonal Fruit Platter 2 people $18 / 4-6 people $ 45

Freshly cut assorted Fruit for the day